»Not just a place to live.
Oberkassel is a statement.«

Oberkassel is without doubt one of Düsseldorf’s most desirable districts. Thanks to the Rheinbogen (a sharp bend in the Rhine), Oberkassel is like a peninsula and gains its unique flair from the fusion of impressive turn-of-the-twentieth-century buildings and modern architecture that has been harmoniously incorporated into the cityscape.

Its proximity to the Rhine, an excellent infrastructure, as well as its exclusivity and charm, have turned Oberkassel into a locally desirable and internationally sought-after residential area. Lawyers, as well as advertisers, designers and artists have made the area their home, and even international art stars such as Joseph Beuys, Günther Uecker and Jörg Wiele had or have their studios here.

The heart of Oberkassel and its main shopping street is the Luegallee. It connects the Oberkassel Bridge with the transport hub at Belsenplatz, and besides the usual convenience stores there are also many specialist shops, smart boutiques and a wide range of cafés and restaurants that are popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s also worth exploring the quiet side streets for hidden culinary gems and chic bars frequented by Düsseldorf’s in-crowd.

Oberkassel is well situated in terms of transport links. The A52 and A57 motorways can be reached in a few minutes and after an eight-minute ride on the Rheinbahn you can be enjoying a coffee on the Königsallee.